Commercial Water Treatment

Commercial Water Treatment

commercial water treatment systems

Our drinking water and wastewater treatment solutions involve a wide array of advanced water treatment technologies designed to exceed international water quality standards.

Innovative Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Increasing water demands are putting pressure on many municipalities, industries, and remote communities. Progress continues to be driven by ongoing advancements in the design and efficiency of water and wastewater treatment technologies, stricter water quality regulations, and the need to upgrade water and wastewater treatment infrastructure. Sapphire Water is dedicated to supplying safe, efficient, and environmentally sustainable water and wastewater treatment systems, producing water that conforms to the very highest global water quality standards. From industrial wastewater to municipal potable water treatment, our systems consistently exceed performance expectations. We work with our clients to design customized treatment facilities based on the contaminants specific to their water. Our commercial water treatment solutions integrate advanced membrane filtration technologies, proprietary biological filtration technologies (SIBROM and Filtralite), leading edge automation and control systems, and exceptional ceramic media for granular and biological filtration.

Biological Water Filtration (SIBROM)

SIBROM stands for “Sapphire Integrated Biological Reverse Osmosis Membrane”. In this process, raw water is first treated through a sophisticated series of biological filters before passing through an array of reverse osmosis (RO) membranes. These user-friendly systems require minimal operator intervention and maintenance. The result is highly purified, biologically stable water that conforms to the most rigorous water quality standards.

Membrane Water Filtration

Membrane water treatment technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration are ideal for drinking water production and for treating industrial process water where a high degree of purity is required, such as boiler feed applications.

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Our commercial wastewater treatment solutions integrate compact, packaged, decentralized, “Plug & Play” plant designs, sustainable biological filtration technologies, advanced mechanical, chemical, magnetic, and UV processing technologies, and fail-safe electronic control systems.

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor Wastewater Treatment (MBBR)

A recent development in wastewater treatment technology, these systems combine the latest in biological and other advanced wastewater treatment technologies into compact, efficient wastewater treatment plants.

Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment (MBR)

Offering up to a 60% smaller footprint than a conventional system, MBR wastewater treatment systems employ a combination of biological processes and membrane filtration to purify wastewater.

Filtration Media (Filtralite)

Case studies show that installing Filtralite® expanded clay filtration media in place of sand and/or anthracite in granular filter beds results in increased filter flow rates of 30% to 50%, and longer filter runs between backwashing.