Sapphire Water, a Division of Delco Water, had to address three major unique concerns in designing a solution for the Queen Charlotte Lodge. The first was meeting the government of British Columbia’s stringent regulations for effluent discharge into the land surface. The second was addressing the extreme variance of wastewater flows between high and low seasons. The third was choosing a physically small and low maintenance technology due to the remote location of the Lodge.

After a careful analysis and weighing of the different technology options available, the solution was to supply two separate Biological Treatment Plants: a 75 m3/day plant for the summer high season and a smaller 2.8 m3/day plant for the winter low season. Both plants were designed to produce re-use quality effluent and exceed the government’s regulations. These plants require very little power and can achieve consistent optimal performance with the use of few biological additives. Due to the facility’s small physical size, the plants were easily transported to the site for installation.


Commissioned: 2011

Location: British Columbia

System: Moving Bed Bioreactor, Outdoor/Above Ground

Permeate Flow Rate: 75 m3/day or 0.9 L/s, and 2.8 m3/day or 0.03 L/s