Delco Water’s remote monitoring and operations support packages provide our clients with the ability to operate their water treatment system conveniently and efficiently. Due to the ability to log-in remotely to the plant’s operating system, operators or other chosen stakeholders can adjust key operating parameters and adapt to emergent situations when and if they occur.

Delco Water’s solution includes cybersecurity measures, and encourages cost savings through a reduction in maintenance site visits. Operators can remote log-in to the plant while they are off-site to ensure the system is working optimally, without having to drive to site late at night or on the weekends. Remote monitoring is a critical function in the present and future of water treatment, offering the ability to provide immediate support and solutions for our clients when they need it the most.

Our field service personnel, or other stakeholders can analyze and apply data from the monitoring equipment to provide recommendations based off previous trends or activities and the resultant impacts. Multiple stakeholders can view the data in real time, so the customer gains the advantage of off-site technical expertise. All site’s historical data is logged to learn from common – or uncommon – occurrences. This also helps with ongoing maintenance, which leads to longevity of the system.

  • Trending

    • All instruments included in the system
    • Health metrics and calculations pertaining to the process technology
      • Normalized Permeate Flow
      • Differential Pressure
      • Temperature Corrected Transmembrane Pressure
  • Alarm Monitoring

    • Active alarms
    • Historical alarms
    • Alarm Trends
  • Distribution Water Parameters

    • Flow
    • Turbidity
    • Chlorine

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