Delco’s commissioning team consists of highly qualified engineers, technologists and technicians with a broad range of expertise. From project managers and commissioning team leads, to field service engineers and technicians specializing in on-site processes or automation – Delco Water has you covered. With Delco Automation as our parent company, our commissioning team can meet process and electrical expectations because of our appreciation of intricacies of full water plant integration. Our commissioning teams are spread across Canada, ready to support water treatment systems from coast to coast.

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All Delco treatment systems are proudly manufactured and custom built in-house at our Saskatoon manufacturing facility. With our team of certified electricians, plumbers and panel technicians, we ensure each system is built with standards of quality and safety in mind. All our control panels and pre-wired skids carry CSA certification and are inspected prior to delivery.

Factory Testing

Regular safety audits are a standard part of our fabrication process. A visual inspection throughout construction of the skid is completed by the project team, and all equipment is leak and/or pressure tested in the shop before it is shipped to site. In addition, there is complete factory acceptance testing for all inputs and outputs and functional process modes. 

Installation Support

In terms of installation of each water treatment plant, Delco provides a detailed pre-commissioning checklist and commissioning plan to general contractors to ensure each system is installed properly. As of a part of the pre-commissioning process, on-site skid inspections are completed for quality assurance. Our team is equipped to assist on-site or remotely for all aspects of commissioning readiness.


The commissioning process is an important quality control step for the design, construction, and operation of any new or upgraded water treatment facility. On-site commissioning trips minimize risk and confirm the system will perform optimally, providing a structured platform to resolve issues effectively. If specified, the commissioning process may also include full integration testing of the water treatment plant. During the entire process, our team adheres to company and site safety procedures. Some of these commissioning activities include:

Available throughout the lifetime of each system we build – from beginning to end.



Effective training of operators is considered critical to the long-term performance of a new and upgraded water treatment plant. Delco Water staff provide hands-on training to the operators and other key personnel to effectively run the equipment and automation controls, understand all key performance indicators and troubleshoot if upset conditions occur. The intent is for the operator to understand when maintenance is required, and be proactive in addressing scenarios before they become critical. Our team can provide both on-site and remote training sessions that are interactive and detailed.


Once training is complete and the system is running, our team is available remotely for day-to-day support and troubleshooting. Delco also offers 24/7 emergency assistance, as well as on-site maintenance. For the duration of the warranty period, Delco is typically scheduled to return to site on specified intervals for on-site service and continued operator training. After the warranty period is over, there is opportunity to tailor a customized service contract depending on the requirements of the community.

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