Delco Water offers a comprehensive list of ancillary equipment water treatment. The ancillary equipment outlined below provides further details for possible water treatment add-on features, enabling your MTU function at it’s highest, most efficient capacity. 

Types of Ancillary Equipment 

Calcite Contactor Systems

  • Limestone/calcite contactors
    • Adds hardness back into water
    • Beneficial add-on to processes such as RO
  • PVC and FRP construction for maximum corrosion prevention
  • Custom hopper for even distribution of added limestone
  • Other options for media contactors include:
    • Corosex
    • Magox

Membrane Degasifiers

  • Minimizes OPEX costs due to low pH/alkalinity
  • Modular design offering expansion for future capacity
  • Custom selected maximum efficient vacuum pump
  • Small footprint & low installation costs
  • Simple operation for reduced maintenance requirements
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for employees

Chemical Panels

  • Premium Grundfos dosing pumps as standard
  • Multi-function valve to control pump outlet pressure
  • Calibration column used to verify dose rate
  • Isolation valves simplify pump calibration
  • Can be equipped with pressure gauges